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John Brune has a  talent for crisis intervention that has earned him a reputation among the national treatment community as one of the most skilled professionals in the industry.

With an acute focus on family dynamics, personal development and practical logistics, when John is able to engage with someone in the living room, he can usually get them to treatment.

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John Brune is intimately versed in the language and culture of substance abuse.

John is expert at compassionately cutting through the bullshit in a profoundly compelling manner.

John’s personal experience, extensive training and talent for engaging clients has made him an outlier among some of the most renowned treatment centers of the United States.

Most clients’ families consider John a “close member of the family.”

John’s commitment to long-term sobriety is widely respected among the nation’s top intervention professionals.

John’s rapid-response intervention services and comprehensive post-treatment programming reflect his passion for developing sustained supportive relationships with clients and their families.


John grew up in a dysfunctional, substance abusing family. Cocaine and alcohol were his drugs of choice. After years of denying his own addiction, John decided to get sober shortly before his son was born. John is the first in his family to get sober and he has sustained that sobriety for over three decades.


In spite of his own personal efforts, breaking family patterns proved to be too much to overcome. As a father, he watched other members of his family slip into a downward spiral that led to multiple attempts at treatment and recovery. Heartbroken, John shifted his approach to a more purposeful resolve that ultimately led to his own son’s sobriety. Looking back, his son’s success is a testament to the power of intervention, treatment and the self-determination to seek out long-term support.


John facilitated his first intervention over 25 years ago. It set him on a path of passion, purpose and professional development. John’s unique style is informed by decades of “feeling” his way into the hearts of families – desperate for experienced guidance. John’s talent for intervention and long-term recovery is proven-effective and widely acclaimed by the top treatment centers of the country.